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Mission Statement

Los Tainos' mission is to provide broad based services to low income senior citizens to improve their quality of life. Los Tainos is dedicated to preserving those traditional Hispanic values that strengthen community life: respeto (respect), love of community, group cooperation, friendliness, cultural pride in one's own culture, cross-cultural respect, the family, viewing children as the community's future, the home, responsibility to neighbors, love of Hispanic folkart and cuisine.

Los Tainos was formerly housed from 1991-1997 on the second floor of the Father Belle Community Center, 104 Maryland, located in the heart of the Hispanic community.

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Contact Us

Los Tainos is located at 333 Trenton Ave., Buffalo, NY 14201. You can reach Los Tainos by phone at 716-842-0172.

Los Tainos Senior Citizens Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donation is tax deductible.
Entity # 22-3256832. For more information or in-kind donations, please visit our Donate page.